Can JJ. Abrams do it again with Alcatraz?

JJ. Abrams is known for making films and series that production companies cannot refuse. His name is fast becoming on of the greats. Now he has come up with something new, something that, although feeling a lot like other shows, still made it onto the list of shows that will be aired on Fox. That show is Alcatraz.

JJ. Abrams is best known for Lost, Alias and the new Star Trek film. So if anyone knows what they are doing with time travelling, criminal mystery, it’s him.

Alcatraz is the most famous prison in the world bar none. It was closed down in 1963 and under suspicious circumstances. The show, although set in the present, will have to delve into the past to solve the mystery.

Until recently the shows plot line was kept under lock and key. Apart from the fact Fox had picked up the show, nobody knew anything about it. That has changed a little now though.

The series suggests the prison was closed due to all the inmates going missing and never being seen again, until now. All the criminals are all slowly returning to the present day, having not aged a day. They go straight back to their criminal ways. But not everything is as it seems, someone else is now pulling the strings and causing havoc.

It is up to two Sarah Jones (Sons of Anarchy) and Jorge Garcia (Lost) to join up with head of the FBI, Sam Neill (Jurassic Park), to try and find out what is behind this all and who to stop it.

There are going to be lots of flashbacks and the like, as the show has a big focus on studying the past to reveal the present. This has been done before, so we can only hope that this delivers it in a new way.

For the series, Abrams has teamed up with Elizabeth Sarnoff, somebody who he has worked very closely with before on Lost. But even with these two massive names at the helm, it wasn’t all plain sailing selling the show.

Just like with Lost, when the pilot was shown to the network, they didn’t have the answers as to what was causing all the problems. This gives the writers so much more freedom when it comes to the main series, but is a nightmare in other ways. The network don’t want to shell out a load of money for something that has no ending.

The series is going to be good, there is no denying that. What is in question though, is will it have staying power? With the show not having an end when it began, it could be another dragged out show, and then come to some terrible conclusion that tests even the most loyal of fan. You all know the Abrams show in question. Maybe he has learnt from his mistakes though.

Alcatraz hits screens this Autumn in America, expect it here sometime next year. You can watch the trailer here.

About Liam Corcoran

Liam is a second year journalism who just loves comics. When he isn't deep in academic writing, he can't wait to get his hands on new books from most publishers (there's one he doesn't like, but that's a secret!). Mostly a TPB guy, he picks up #1's to see what's out there and it's introduced him to a lot of books he wouldn't have necessarily gone for. Above all though, Powers by Bendis and DMZ by Wood just blows his socks off, secretly he wishes he was Matty Roth....
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