Judge this

If you’ve ever wanted to be a judge, a proper judge, who dispenses justice right there and then on the spot, then your luck is in.

In light of the up-coming Judge Dredd film, Planet Replica have been allowed to make replica judge costumes of the most famous characters from 2000AD.

Mainly, they will be of Judge Dredd himself and Judge Anderson and will be produced and sold just in time for Halloween, so any people out causing more tricks than usual can easily be dealt with.

They come complete with everything a judge could possibly need including a helmet, name badge, pads for the shoulder, knees and elbows, a utility belt, a lawman (the gun judges use) and gloves.

All of this is also customisable so that you can be a very distinct and unique judge, including your name on the badge.

More details, like the price of the suits, are still vague as the website is under construction. But you can be sure that they won’t come cheap, especially if you customise it.

Below are some promotional photos. Must say, Judge Anderson looks pretty good in that suit.

About Liam Corcoran

Liam is a second year journalism who just loves comics. When he isn't deep in academic writing, he can't wait to get his hands on new books from most publishers (there's one he doesn't like, but that's a secret!). Mostly a TPB guy, he picks up #1's to see what's out there and it's introduced him to a lot of books he wouldn't have necessarily gone for. Above all though, Powers by Bendis and DMZ by Wood just blows his socks off, secretly he wishes he was Matty Roth....
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