Oh Gosh! Farewell

After 25 years, one of the most iconic comic shops in London, Gosh! Comics, is moving.

For all those years, Gosh! Comics has been a destination that fans from all over the world have visited.

It stood out because if strode for the very best in comics, whether that be translated european comics to the mainstream superheros that dominate the shelves.

It is moving to a bigger and better space, which is good news for comic fans. Yes, comics are still doing so well that shops can afford to move to bigger locations. That is always a plus.

The store had a prime location opposite the British Museum but as it has expanded and gained more attention over the years, now is finally the time to say goodbye.

The new store, located at No. 1 Berwick Street, Soho, opens it doors this Saturday at 10am and promises to be a bright new step for the store, which will provide more signings and events than they could manage at the last.

To commemorate the final days of Gosh! Comics in its current location, Andy Konky Kru has painted a picture of the store.

Here’s to Gosh! Goodbye for now but may you have an even brighter future.

About Liam Corcoran

Liam is a second year journalism who just loves comics. When he isn't deep in academic writing, he can't wait to get his hands on new books from most publishers (there's one he doesn't like, but that's a secret!). Mostly a TPB guy, he picks up #1's to see what's out there and it's introduced him to a lot of books he wouldn't have necessarily gone for. Above all though, Powers by Bendis and DMZ by Wood just blows his socks off, secretly he wishes he was Matty Roth....
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