Walking Dead to take full control

The Walking Dead is currently one of the best selling series out there. Look at any bestseller list, and I mean any, it will be at least in the top five.

Now, the writers of The Walking Dead and Image want to make the series number one on every single list. And how would they do this?

Volume Zero. Robert Kirkman is considering taking the books all the way back to the beginning in order to explain one small detail.

A detail that most fans would love to see as it has affected the series in quite a big way.

All the book would show was how Lori and Shane ended up getting together in the absence of Rick. You thought it would be about how the zombies took over? No, that is a little too much.

All we saw in the comics were a few flashbacks of Lori and Shane kissing, nothing further than this was really explained. Some would say that it would be better to leave this relationship in the dark. Sometimes it is the untold that makes the best story.

But you can be assured, if Kirkman did write a volume zero, it would shoot straight to number one.

About Liam Corcoran

Liam is a second year journalism who just loves comics. When he isn't deep in academic writing, he can't wait to get his hands on new books from most publishers (there's one he doesn't like, but that's a secret!). Mostly a TPB guy, he picks up #1's to see what's out there and it's introduced him to a lot of books he wouldn't have necessarily gone for. Above all though, Powers by Bendis and DMZ by Wood just blows his socks off, secretly he wishes he was Matty Roth....
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