Xenoholics #1

The aliens are coming. And they are going to abduct you!

But Alien abduction aren’t really real, are they? Those people are all through the roof crazy, but reading about them always seems to have it’s attraction.

Xenoholics does just that, lets us laugh at the nut jobs who say they have been abducted, although, we know, they actually have.

Already being hailed as the next Chew, this lives up to the promise that started even before it hit the shelves. It’s fun, it’s quirky and it is a genuine laugh to read.

A group of people who have all been abducted meet up at therapy to try and work through their problems, but this just makes it worse. They all have to argue and say that the others weren’t abducted because, hey, green aliens don’t even exist.

Williamson and Damoose are a great combination, in just two panels for each character, they can tell you everything you need to, and want to know, about the characters. First, showing their backstory and who they were before the abductions, then what they do in their spare time.

Take Junior for instance, he was a solider before he was abducted, now he pays prostitutes extra to wear an alien mask while they do the dirty. Does it get more perfect than that?

It’s so far fetched and out there, it really is a breathe of fresh air. It progresses quickly, not allowing itself time to get boring or uninteresting. Domoose’s cartoonish art also fits in nicely with the read, it needs to be that fun and slightly childish or it wouldn’t work.

The book is also full of pop culture references that, if you spot them, make you chuckle just a tad.

Towards the end it does get a little cliché, but I suppose that is a bit inevitable with a book about aliens. But even though it is a cliché, the next issue intents to tear that down, so for that reason, it has to be worth picking up again.

Rating: 4.5/5

About Liam Corcoran

Liam is a second year journalism who just loves comics. When he isn't deep in academic writing, he can't wait to get his hands on new books from most publishers (there's one he doesn't like, but that's a secret!). Mostly a TPB guy, he picks up #1's to see what's out there and it's introduced him to a lot of books he wouldn't have necessarily gone for. Above all though, Powers by Bendis and DMZ by Wood just blows his socks off, secretly he wishes he was Matty Roth....
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3 Responses to Xenoholics #1

  1. Nice review! I’m going to have to check this out.

  2. If it makes you want to read it, spread the review around so others can pick it up as well:)

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